Detect and Avoid Radar (DAA)

Airborne anti-collision radar system for RPAS


  • Remotely piloted aircraft systems
  • Detects any flying object in the airspace in order to avoid collision of aircraft
  • Able to detect and track cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft
  • Operational in any weather conditions


The Detect and Avoid Radar for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) facilitates a safe integration of unmanned systems into the non-segregated airspace. It replaces the pilot’s perception by a technical system which outclasses the human eye regarding range, probability of detection and accuracy in order to avoid collision of aircraft (cooperative and non-cooperative).


  • Small and light radar – advanced Tile AESA Technology
  • Instantaneous surveillance in 220 azimuth and 30 elevation
  • 1s track update rate 
  • Multi-function system architecture
  • Flexible Software Defined Radar

Main Benefits

  • Ensures very high level of safety for all unmanned flying platforms in non-segregated airspace environment
  • One system offering simultaneously 2 radar functionalities: detect & avoid and weather detection with possible upgradable functionality
  • Software upgradable radar, able to provide different modes: ground mapping, turbulence avoidance, landing aid support etc.
  • Compliant to RTCA DO366
  • ITAR free

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




DAA Datasheet