IFF Cabinet System 

Identify friends, prevent friendly fire


  • Full IFF capability
  • Interfacing multiple combat management systems
  • Installation in multiple ship architectures


The HENSOLDT IFF Naval Cabinet is designed for integration into military vessels and land-based training facilities. Full IFF capability is provided by an integrated architecture containing the MSSR 2000 ID Interrogator and the LTR 400 DNG Transponder.

Additional HENSOLDT assets such as the Multi Control Unit (MCU) and the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) provide a highly flexible, fully integrated solution for the interfacing of multiple combat management systems and installation in multiple ship architectures.

Full remote control and monitoring of the IFF Cabinet are provided by

  • ROSA software for the MSSR 2000 ID Interrogator
  • An MCU-embedded web interface for the LTR 400 DNG Transponder and for control of the cabinet power supply

The IFF Naval Cabinet offers many unique features, from its multi-antenna compatibility (mechanical, non-rotating AESA, stop-stare mode) to the extended certifications of the interrogator and transponder (ICAO, EUROCONTROL, STANAG and DoD AIMS) right through to compatibility with different crypto applications to enable IFF Mode 5.

Technical features

  • Compliance with STANAG 4193 Ed. 3
  • Compliance with ICAO Annex 10
  • Compliance with EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE and RTCA-DO standards for Mode S
  • AIMS-certified products
  • Environmental standards: MIL STD 810G, MIL STD 461G, STANAG 1008 ed.10
  • Compliance with European laws and regulations

Main Benefits

  • All IFF equipment in one place
  • Easy installation in multiple vessels/ships
  • Robust design
  • Processing of classified data
  • Easy access to internal equipment
  • Improved information security
  • Integrated shock absorbers
  • Air cooling

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions