IFF Cabinet System 

Identify friends, prevent friendly fire


  • Naval
  • Land


HENSOLDT┬┤s standardized IFF Cabinet System can be integrated in land based platforms and also naval vessels.

The cabinet can contain a MSSR 2000 I (single or dual chain) and can be remotely controlled by the ROSA software and display, any Air Traffic Management or Battlefield/Combat Management system.

A complete IFF Cabinet System consists of:

The IFF Cabinet containing all the IFF equipment (e.g. MSSR 2000 I interrogator, LTR 400 Transponder, QRTKxNG Crypto Computers), the IFF antenna (non-rotating e.g. NESIS4000, or rotating e.g. 4m or 8m LVA antenna) connected to the cabinet and the transponder antennas if the IFF system is equipped with a transponder.


  • Emergency Switch
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • Ventilator Unit
  • Multi Control Unit
  • Connector Panel
  • Anti-Condensation Heating

Main Benefits

  • All IFF equipment in one place
  • Robust design to minimize shocks, vibrations and condensation.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions