Kelvin Hughes Mk5 SharpEye

Naval navigation sensor for small craft


  • Navigation
  • Surface search


Mk5 SharpEye Naval Navigation Radar is an exceptionally reliable, high performance X Band Doppler radar system delivering high-end naval small craft marine navigation, collision avoidance and situational awareness.


  • X Band - 80w Power Output
  • Fully coherent
  • Enhanced Doppler processing Target detection and range discrimination maintained over the full instrumented range
  • Supports Naval Tactical features such as selectable transmit frequency, low power mode and sector transmission (with suitable display software)
  • Radar video and control output via Gigabit LAN
  • Full BITE and status reporting
  • Open architecture interfaces – providing ease of Integration
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability solid state transceiver
  • Designed to meet Wheel Marked/Type Approved to Marine Equipment Directive (96/98/C)

Main Benefits

  • Clutter removal without picture degradation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Improved detection ranges, especially of small targets in clutter
  • Multiple users can share the optimised picture

Product Impressions