Lygarion Line of Sight

Premium Wideband Data Link


  • Line of Sight,  narrow  and wide-band solutions
  • Real time decision making and target identification and localization in a GNSS denied environment
  • Air -  to - Ground, Air –to- Sea and Air – to – Air communication
  • Ideal use in operational environments with high jamming exposure
  • High data rate and range performances


Lygarion is the result of 40 years of successful European technological cooperation to develop an ITAR Free data link available commercial off-the-shelf.

Lygarion uses the most recent technologies to facilitate the secure and real-time acquisition and exchange of operational data between multiple military platforms.

Lygarion is designed to operate in environments that require a high level of anti-jamming capabilities and secure data transmission.


  • C-Band, Ku-Band
  • Up to 400 km long range bidirectional link
  • Up to 44Mbit/s data rate (growth potential for higher data rates)
  • Airborne Power Consumption < 150W
  • Automatic Acquisition
  • Automatic Link Maintain – GPS based/ Micro scanning  / RF Tracking (ground only)
  • Number of Selectable Frequency Channels  > 180

Main Benefits

  • Field proven highly secured waveform
  • Field proven fast link acquisition process
  • Modular design to fit any platform
  • Bespoke configurations for UAS, missiles, helicopters, aircraft and ships
  • Maximal flexibility by downloadable, selectable and programmable waveform
  • Scalable performance – Data communications solutions depending on platform and customer requirement level

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




Lygarion Datasheet