NSM System

Identify Friends, Prevent Fratricide


  • Suitable for  IFF sub-system of all type of platforms: airborne, naval, ground radar station and air defence systems


QRTKxNG is a new generation crypto Family that provides simultaneous cryptographic encryption /decryption features for IFF Mode 4 and Mode 5 operations.

QRTKxNG crypto computers can be used with a wide range of IFF host equipment, such as Interrogators, Transponders and CITs as well as for IFF testers and key loaders.


  • Encrypt / Decrypt IFF messages
  • IFF key generation
  • Key and certificate generation used to transfer IFF keys
  • Equipment park management
  • Key and Time management
  • IFF algorithm customization by national user
  • Central national database (KAMU) and local databases (KAMS)
  • National IFF system
  • ITAR free equipment

Main Benefits

  • The IFF National Secure Mode (NSM) proposed by HENSOLDT is a turn-key and state-of-the-art solution offering the key generation / distribution and IFF crypto-computers.
  • HENSOLDT provides countries with the capability to have an adapted IFF system based on their own cryptographic algorithms.
  • Using the NSM solution is the way to ensure adequate interoperability between all actors of the national forces and to avoid any fratricidal shot. 
  • Our NSM solution fits all IFF platforms.

NSM Datasheet

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HENSOLDT Radar, IFF Datalink



NSM Datasheet