PrecISR Airborne Multi-Mission ISR Radar

Large area surveillance in one flight pass


AIR:  Detection and interception of small and low-flying aircraft above canopy or above stormy sea, gathering information on direction and speed of a flying target for correlation with data from other sensors, e.g. ADS-B and EO/IR.

  • Air Mode: Air Moving Target Indication (AMTI)

SEA: Detection and tracking from small to large targets in high sea states, indication of the target size, velocity and direction of the vessels as well as rapid identification of maritime vessels that do not have corresponding AIS or IFF signature.

  • Maritime Modes: OSL (Open Sea Long Range), MMTI (Maritime Moving Target Indication), ISAR (Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar), RP (Range profiling)

LAND: Tracking and plotting moving objects on the ground. Objects can be identified easily and changes in the environment can be detected by comparing previously captured SAR images.

  • Land Modes: Spot and Strip SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), GMTI (Ground Moving Target Indication)

More than a thousand targets on air, land and sea can be tracked at the same time.


PrecISR™, HENSOLDT’s new family of Airborne Multi-Mission Surveillance Radars, offers high performance in a compact design. The superior performance of PrecISR™ enables airborne operators to accomplish large area surveillance in one flight pass. Even in the most difficult environmental conditions and sea states, users will take advantage of an unrivalled level of situational awareness with significant flight cost savings.

PrecISR™ translates the latest achievements in AESA technology into a low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) high-performance and scalable radar. It has been designed for a wide range of airborne platforms: UAVs, helicopters, as well as special mission aircraft.

PrecISR™ tackles the challenges of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions such as human and drug trafficking, piracy, illegal fishing, oil dumping, terrorism, smuggling or environmental threats. Thanks to its software-defined radar modes and electronic beam steering, PrecISR™ can perform several different tasks at the same time at air, sea and land.


  • X-Band frequency
  • Software defined radar
  • Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)
  • SAR Modes up to Ultra High Resolution (30cm)
  • Instrumented Range up to 200 NM
  • Scalable AESA antenna sizes to fit different platforms
  • Low SWaP radar family
  • State-of-the-Art Moving Target Indication (STAP)
  • 360° continuous rotation or Sector active array scan

Main Benefits

  • Easy installation and maintenance as a single component radar
  • Operator workload reduced; automatic parameter settings deliver the best possible radar result and identify the relevant threats faster
  • Easy integration: Plug‘n‘Play within 15 minutes, 2 cables (ethernet, power, safety discreet), no penetration of the airframe necessary
  • Easy upgradable with additional functions and customized modes
  • Very high detection performance and sensitivity even in strong clutter and interference environment
  • PrecISR™1000 rotating gimbal version is available off-the-shelf (COTS)
  • Competitive delivery lead time of 9 months
  • Latest GaN AESA antenna design results in same antenna size as GaAs but double the power
  • Low Life Cycle Costs (LCC)

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impression

Product Impression