QRTKxNG NATO Mode 4/ Mode 5 Crypto Computers

Identify Friends, Prevent Fratricide


  • Suitable for  IFF sub-system of all type of platforms: airborne, naval, ground radar station and air defence systems


QRTKxNG is a new generation crypto Family that provides simultaneous cryptographic encryption /decryption features for IFF Mode 4 and Mode 5 operations.

QRTKxNG crypto computers can be used with a wide range of IFF host equipment, such as Interrogators, Transponders and CITs as well as for IFF testers and key loaders.


  • Simultaneous Mode 4/Mode 5 processing
  • Embedded TOD circuitry
  • Automatic permanent BITE (Built In Test)
  • Key hold by internal battery
  • Key Fill: M4 & M5 in DS101 and Legacy M4 key Fill +SKL key loader (version 6.0, 7.2 and 8.0)
  • Mode 4 and Mode 5 keys Type A and B format
  • 93 days loading capacity allowed by the SKL
  • EKMS 608 for Time of Day loading
  • EKMS 308 for DS101 loading
  • QRTK6NG: DoD AIMS 04-900(A), Option A Host Interface (KIV-78) compatible

Main Benefits

  • ITAR free DoD AIMS 04- 900 option A mode 4/5 crypto
  • QRTK6NG adapter ensures a complete use of QRTK6NG with any equipment natively compatible with DoD AIMS 04-900 option A Mode 4/5 crypto
  •  Easy to install - plug and play

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Product Impressions


Product Impressions


Product Impressions


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