Space T/R-Modules

Standardized Modular Transmit/Receive-Module (SMTR®)


  • Space: TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X


As enabling key element for active antennas in modern Phased Array RADARs and Synthetic Aperture RADARs, HENSOLDT has developed, is producing and delivering the Standardized Modular Transmit/Receive-Modul (SMTR®) proven for space, airborne and ground applications.


X-Band T/R module

  • High-power amplification of Tx signal
  • Low-noise amplification of Rx signal
  • High-precision phase and gain control
  • Decoupling Rx / Tx with circulator
  • Serial link to C&C
  • Very small envelope, full array compatible

Main Benefits

  • Space proven
  • Integrates only radiation tested components
  • Robustness against any multi paction and RF corona discharge effects has been validated at ESA/ ESTEC laboratories

Product Impressions