Space ZRE

Central Radar Electronics


  • Various space platforms  (E.g. Earth observation satellites, exploration satellites , multipurpose satellites)  
  • Airborne and ISR radars


HENSOLDT has extensive and long-term experience in designing, developing, producing and testing digital electronics and high performance digital signal processing solutions, qualified for the harsh space environment. Thereby, HENSOLDT masters the space qualified assembly of RAM based FPGAs as well as the respective algorithms and firmware development.


Digital control electronics

  • Digital timing & waveform generation
  • Multi-channel receiver, digitizer and signal processor

Radar Frequency Electronics

  • Generation of ultra-stable reference signal for the RADAR instrument
  • Up-/Down-Conversion to/from X-Band (transmit and receive path)
  • Provision of extraordinary band-widths - the enabler for an outstanding resolution of the SAR instrument
  • Provisioning of clock-signals for the RADAR instrument

Main Benefits

  • Cutting-edge key technologies and products throughout the whole chain of Radar electronics suitable for the next generation of Radar satellites
  • Digital signal processing performances

Product Impressions