Spexer 2000 3D MKIII

Ground-based air defence


  • Flexible update rates between seconds and milliseconds during surveillance and target verification. Fast initiation of stable target tracks
  • Covers small and very fast targets (0.8–2,000 m/s)
  • Differentiates between VSHORAD targets (e.g. UAVs, helicopters and birds) and ground targets due to spectral-based automatic target classification
  • Convoy operation for medium-range operations
  • Up to 90° hemispheric coverage
  • 360° all-round coverage with three antennas
  • Track-while-scan for more than 300 targets per 120° sector
  • High detection ranges against a broad target catalogue: micro-UAVs, helicopters, fighters, missiles etc.


Among the typical threats posed by fixed and rotary wings, small UAVs represent an increasing threat in the theatre of operation. With their small signature and high manoeuvrability, small UAVs can take troops by surprise in conventional and asymmetric warfare.

The engagement of traditional air threats such as pop-up helicopters and ground support aeroplanes, and in parallel new small UAV threats, calls for dedicated radar technology. HENSOLDT´s Spexer 2000 3D MKIII has been designed to provide detection data and target classification at an early stage to efficiently counter these threats during on-the-move or stationary operation.


  • X-band pulse-Doppler radar based on AESA technology
  • Multi-panel AESA antennas
  • Modular conception – flexible number of antennas
  • Spectral-based micro-Doppler target classification
  • Operation in high-clutter environments (e.g. urban areas, rainy weather)
  • Electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM)
  • Compliance with military standards (MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461)

Main benefits

  • Optimised effector engagement due to precise fire control information during on-the-move or stationary operation.
  • Fast, effective self-defence as a result of fast confirmed track generation
  • Utilisation of the effector’s entire dynamic range based on long-distance detection and tracking
  • Secure convoy protection due to on-the-move operation
  • Flexible effector support – medium-calibre turrets, air defence missiles, hybrid weapons, laser-based weapons, remote-controlled weapon stations and more

Product impressions

Product impressions

Product impression