Security Radar for Coastal Surveillance


  • Surveillance of large areas / long distances
  • Very early warning / high level of situational awareness
  • Detection and tracking of even ver ysmall and slowly moving sea targets such as swimmers or rubber dinghies (due to high Doppler resolution)
  • Detection of targets over the horizon in ducting phenomen
  • Multi-tasking and quad beam capability: one compact all-in-one SPEXER 2000 ensures the surveillance of both sea and land/ground sector
  • Very high target location accuracy (in range and azimuth)


The SPEXER® 2000 is a high-performance coastal surveillance radar for the automatic detection of sea, ground and low-flying air targets. It was developed for the specific requirements of security threats; with its primary fields of application in coastal surveillance systems.

The SPEXER® 2000 is the only available sensor on the market able to detect very small and slowly moving asymmetric threats that the maritime sector is facing (e.g. swimmers and rubber dinghies). It is an optimal solution for coastal surveillance with the simultaneous surveillance of sea and ground areas.


  • Very high update rate (for short instrumented range)
  • High sea clutter suppression (due to signal-to-noise instead of signal-to-clutter ratio)
  • Interface for easy integration into a C2 system
  • Very low average radiated power: 16 Watts
  • Graceful degradation capability (solid state T/R modules) and very high MTBCF in particular due to electronic instead of mechanical scanning
  • Low lifecycle cost due to electronic scanning instead of a permanently rotating antenna

Main Benefits

The SPEXER radars represent the first operational land-based sea, ground and low air space surveillance radar family worldwide, which is utilising AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) technology. Due to the use of active phased array technology, the operational performance is much higher when compared to conventional reflector antenna radars. Based on the use of AESA technology, the SPEXER® 2000 provides up to quad beam capability which offers an advanced target detection in harsh sea clutter situations.

The multi-tasking capability of the SPEXER® 2000 overcomes the classical limitations of mechanical moving systems and enables the simultaneous use of targettracking and sector surveillance. Due to the non-mechanical movement during processing, the SPEXER® 2000 produces better operationalperfomance and results for the detection of slowly moving targets such as swimmers (while they are in the water, or about to shift to moving on land).

Furthermore, the AESA panels can be flexibly installed on already existing infrastructure.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions