Surveillance Radar for Security Applications


  • FMCW X-band radar based on Digital Beam Forming (DBF) technology
  • Surveillance of large areas and long distances
  • High update rate
  • High Doppler resolution
  • Ready for operation in a network of multiple radars or in combination with cameras


SPEXER 500 is a high performance radar for the surveillance of sensitive and protected areas  such as camps, perimeters, infrastructures and borders.

Developed for security applications requiring a high situational awareness, this radar is able to automatically detect and classify ground and low flying air targets.

The highly portable SPEXER 500 is part of the SPEXER security radar family that has already proven its outstanding performance in integrated security systems in several regions of the world.


  • Highly portable, low-weight and small size radar
  • Very low radiated power: 4 Watt
  • Low lifecycle cost and high MTBCF (>5,000 hrs)

Main Benefits

  • Detection, tracking and automatic target classification of even very small and slowly moving targets, e.g. pedestrians or UAVs with <0.01 m² RCS
  • High update rate (≤ 1.5 seconds for up to 120°) ensuring very early warning/ a high level of situational awareness
  • Short lead time (can be delivered immediately on request)