Mobile Air Surveillance and Defence Radar


  • Single vehicle configuration  
  • Two operator positions, third optional
  • Fully automatic in radar control and systems integration
  • Embedded navigation system
  • BITE
  • Repair by replacement of components
  • Fully air conditioned


The TRML-3D system was developed to be rapidly deployable and highly mobile for fast camp and decampment. It is a fully coherent multi-mode phased array surveillance and target acquisition radar system designed for short and medium-range detection and  air defence.

The 3D radar is capable of detecting, tracking, and classifying various types of targets with a particular emphasis on small, fast and low-flying aircraft, missiles and hovering helicopters. 


  • Accurate 3D track data
  • Small target-detection capability
  • Excellent suppression of land and sea clutter
  • High-performance ECCM functions
  • Highly efficient update rate
  • Fully automatic air picture generation
  • Four/five operational modes selectable by an operator
  • Integrated SSR MSSR2000I MK XA, Mk XII
  • and Mode S, Mode 5 growth potential

Main Benefits

  • 2 antenna positions: on shelter roof level  or 12 m above ground
  • Fully automatic operation and/or remote control
  • High mobility, deployment and tear-down time < 10 min
  • Container with ISO corners on cross-country truck MAN SX45
  • Outstanding cross-country performance in difficult terrain
  • CBR protection as an option
  • Transportable on C-130 Herkules

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We provide target-group-oriented standard training courses for operators, maintainers/technicians and administrators, that can also be customized to your specific needs for this product.

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