Naval 3D Multi-Mode Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar


  • 3D air volume surveillance with fast target alert
  • High-resolution surface surveillance
  • Small target detection capability
  • Target designation to CMS for AAW and ASuW
  • Surface gun fire support with splash detection
  • Support of Ship-Controlled Helicopter Approach (SCA)
  • Support of helicopter control
  • High-performance ECCM functions
  • High resistance to EMI/ECM
  • Jammer suppression
  • Suppression of environmental clutter
  • Support for target classification
  • IFF interrogation support
  • Support of various combat management systems


TRS-3D is a modular, highly  reliable, countermeasure-resistant, medium-range air and surface surveillance system.

It is a fully coherent multi-mode phased array C band radar capable of fully automatic detection, track initiation, and classification of various types of targets. Even under severe clutter conditions encountered in the littoral,  it detects and tracks with a particular emphasis on small, fast and low-flying aircraft, missiles, hovering helicopters and asymmetric threats. This ensures minimal operator workload and maximises operational effectiveness.

Main Benefits

TRS-3D supports the full operational capabilities of several self-defence missile systems, and can serve as a standalone radar for the surveillance and self-defence requirements of single-radar ships operating in littoral waters, or as the self-defence radar  on large frigates and multi-radar ships. For weapon support and target assignment, TRS-3D supplies reliable target data instantaneously. It features the high tracking accuracy to permit deployment of different types of missiles against aircraft and anti-ship missiles.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




TRS-3D Datasheet