Twinvis Passive Radar

Silent surveillance of silent objects


  • Uses existing VHF and UHF transmissions from analogue and digital radio as well as television (Exploiting FM / DAB / DVB-T simultaneously)
  • No emissions (no active transmitters, invisible to radar search, jammer resistant)
  • Gap filler/ sensitive spot coverage
  • Near-range high precision slow & low target tracking
  • Air surveillance in urban and difficult environments (no electro-magnetic pollution)
  • Tracking of highly agile objects
  • Multi-angle target detection for Improved detection of targets with reduced radar cross section
  • Weather independent surveillance
  • Remote and stand-alone operation
  • Twinvis can interconnect several sensors into a sensor cluster for extended coverage and accuracy (up to 5 sensors)
  • Support of various levels of data fusion


Twinvis is a passive radar that adds a new dimension to the world of surveillance and situational awareness.

It offers decisive operational advantages: it cannot be located due to the absence of any transmitted energy and it does not need any emissions from targets to locate them.

Where conventional radar systems apply the same principle of emitting signals that are reflected by an object allowing the radar to visualise that object based on the echo received, Twinvis follows a radically different approach:

The system uses existing electromagnetic energy from radio- and TV-broadcast transmitters and evaluates their echoes when reflected by an object.

In the military field, Twinvis combines several advantages. In addition to its high mobility, the system itself remains invisible and therefore cannot be jammed or eliminated in a targeted action. At the same time, it can also be used to discover stealth aircraft which, due to their low observable technology, have until now remained undetectable for conventional radar systems.


  • 360° azimuth coverage, 3D track
  • Range FM up to 250km, 300-500m accuracy
  • Range DAB/DVB-T up to 100km, 50-100m accuracy
  • Real time fusion of 16 FM transmitters, 5 DAB and 5 DVB-T networks
  • Antenna-to-track delay: <1.5s
  • Track update rate <0.5 seconds
  • Easy deployment, light weight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low power consumption (< 5kW)
  • Low cost procurement & maintenance (no turning parts, no transmitter needed, COTS computers)
  • ASTERIX data format
  • Ethernet based communication
  • Equipped with a mission planning tool

Main Benefits

HENSOLDT’s  passive radar is the right solution to provide an air picture in a multitude of operational scenarios:

  • Covert surveillance tasks
  • Use in areas of electromagnetic congestion
  • Gap filling
  • Use in areas where jamming is a concern
  • Detection beyond borders (Twinvis may use broadcasting transmitters beyond the border)
  • Camp and event protection
  • Long range border/ coastal surveillance
  • Harbour awareness & protection without interference
  • Ship self-protection
  • Air traffic management

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions




Twinvis Datasheet