COMS Jamming

Communications Jamming


  • Self contained, sheltered or APC based solutions
  • Scalable in amount and technical performance
  • True Hopper Follower
  • Progressive Jamming Algorithms
  • Extremely Fast Responsiveness
  • Powerful Counter Modulation Generator
  • Fully accessible mode library
  • Integrated ESM functionality
  • Battle-proven


  • Wide product range for all purposes
    -    Tactical Jammer
    -    Counter-RCIED Jammer
    -    Counter UAV Jammer
    -    GSM Jammer
    -    Multi-purpose Jammer
  • Available as product, subsystem and turnkey solutions
  • Tactical stand-alone, remote controlled or networked operation
  • Frequency coverage from HF to SHF
  • Perfectly integrated with our SBMS software solution

Product Impressions

Product Impressions