COMS Signal Analysis


  • Fast, reliable signal scenario evaluation
  • High-class signal classifier and decoders
  • Supporting military, commercial, trunked radio and private communication modes
  • Online signal contents monitoring
  • Evaluation of wideband recordings
  • Unknown signal evaluation
  • Customer extendable
  • Compact
  • Field-proven
  • for integration in all platforms


  • Automatic multi-signal analysis suite MRSI8ACP
  • Multi-channel monitoring suite MRSI3000
  • Deep-analysis signal suite MRSI2000
  • Drone detection
  • High accuracy signal detection, classification, decoding
  • All types of signals including low probability of intercept (LPI) signals
  • Online / offline operation
  • Installation on unmodified commercial /ruggedized HW

Product Impressions

Product Impressions