Escort Jammer

Part of HENSOLDT´s Kalætron Attack product family


  • Protect own forces from Surface to Air Missiles (SAM)
  • Suppress or degrade opponents use of electromagnetic spectrum
  • Combined solution for RADAR and COMS jamming and ESM
  • Jamming Tasks are derived from the integrated Electronic Support Subsystem for Radar Reconnaissance (ESM)


  • Escort Jammer for Electronic Attack (EA) measures performs effective jamming of Radar Signals during escort missions.
  • Gain Spectrum Dominance out of a desired distance
  • Podded or integrated solution
  • Self-sufficient Power Generation and Environmental Control for easy carrier adaption
  • Optimized Jamming Performance due to selectable autonomous, DASS-integrated and networking mode

Kalaetron Attack on screen



Product Impressions

Product Impressions