Software-defined multirole jammer


  • 20 MHz to 6 GHz
  • 280 W total RF power
  • Convoy-protection jamming
  • Communication jamming
  • Simultaneous overlapping jamming channels
  • Software re-programmable
  • Selective jamming
  • Reactive, active and smart jamming
  • Custom integration into vehicles
  • Built using field-proven technology


GEW’s new-generation software-defined multirole jammer combines a responsive jammer for vehicle-based counter-RCIED capability and tactical communications jamming in a single compact system. Simultaneous transmitter channels and efficient adaptive waveform algorithms target point-to-point radio links and new-generation multi-standard cellular networks seamlessly. With its size, weight and power (SWaP), the GMJ9’s versatility and field-proven technology delivers true spectrum dominance.


HENSOLDT Spectrum Dominance / GEW

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