GEW® GRJ8000 family

Communications electronic attack


  • HF: Frequency range of 1 MHz – 30 MHz
  • V/UHF: Frequency range of 20 MHz to 3.6 GHz
  • SHF: Frequency range of 3 GHz – 6 GHz
  • Instantaneous bandwidth from 5 MHz in the HF models and up to 120 MHz in the V/UHF models
  • Jamming modes include synchronized predictive jamming of hopper radios with tracking and hop follow capability meaning that each pulse of the hopper is jammed individually


*Specifications differ depending on model


The GEW® GRJ8000 range of communications jamming systems integrate wideband surveillance receivers with powerful jamming processors and synthesisers that feature some of the most advanced signal attack methods on the market today. A variety of power amplifiers and antennas can be interfaced to suite customer and application requirements.