Magnetic Degaussing System


MASK-C - Centralised architecture system:

  • 150W, 10kW and 21.5kW amplifiers
  • Up to 10 amplifiers per cabinet
  • Output voltage: 150V DC, 200V DC or 400V DC
  • AC or DC input voltage supply

MASK-D - Decentralised (or distributed) architecture system:

  • 5kW, 6kW and 10kW amplifiers
  • Output voltage: 200V DC or 350V DC
  • AC or DC input voltage supply


The structure and machinery used in ships and submarines are made of ferromagnetic materials, which generate magnetic anomalies (magnetic indiscretion) as a result of the earth’s magnetic field. These anomalies can be detected by the sensors of underwater mines located along the coast or in ports as well as by embedded sensors in patrol aircraft.

A degaussing system protects naval platforms by significantly reducing the magnetic signature that leaves them open to detection and vulnerable to attack.

Ship degaussing involves surrounding the structure in all three dimensions with copper coils which have a bidirectional direct current flowing through them. The degaussing system’s amplifiers deliver current to each coil as calculated by the central unit. This generates the opposite magnetic field to that created by the ship or submarine as it travels through its environment (geographical position, heading, roll and pitch).

HENSOLDT France has designed MASK, a range of extremely reliable degaussing systems with centralised or decentralised architecture suitable for installation on new vessels (ships, aircraft carriers, submarines, etc.), retrofitting, or full replacement of outdated degaussing systems.


  • Extremely reliable amplifiers
  • Modular architecture: centralised or decentralised
  • Centralised system: a compact version for small ships or submarines.
  • Adaptable to all types of ships and submarines (pre-equipped with coils)
  • Robust, long-lasting design
  • The amplifiers can be wired in parallel to increase the current capacity if necessary
  • Compatible with magnetometers and magnetic cards.
  • Control and monitoring system via a local HMI or remotely via an Ethernet connection.
  • Compliant with cybersecurity requirements
  • I-Maintenance capacity (system information periodically transmitted to an on-board server)

Main Benefits

  • COTS products
  • Customisation: form factor, power, input network

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Philippe LUCAS

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  • System use
  • System maintenance

These training programmes can be delivered on board (using the customer’s equipment) or in classrooms using dedicated HENSOLDT equipment