Integrated SIGINT

Part of HENSOLDT “Kalætron® Integral” product family


  • Integrated SIGINT is based on the Kalætron® Integral product family, including its cutting-edge sensors, antennas and algorithms.
  • Capable to incorporate 3rd party or customer-provided assets.
  • Superior performance, lasting reliability.
  • Turnkey but open for spiral-introduction -into-service.
  • Software-defined, Software-enabled future growth.
  • Self-learning, managing new signals / spectrum types.
  • HENSOLDT inside.


  • Providing high-end customized Signal Intelligence surveillance at long-range for airborne platforms, manned as well as unmanned for medium and high altitude.
  • Part of HENSOLDT “Kalætron® Integral” product family, Integrated SIGINT is an on-board installed solution, optimized to the platform of customer choice.
  • Modular & scalable: From dedicated solutions for radar and communication intelligence up to integrated high-end SIGINT solutions.
  • Capable to combine various sensors and platforms to ONE intelligence picture.
  • Integrating into existing C2-system.
  • Operates in challenging and dense electro-magnetic environments. Operated in-air or on-ground. Handling, transmitting and storing national-sensitive and classified data.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions