Kalætron RWR

Airborne Radar Warning Receiver


  • Increased situational awareness
  • Network centric requirements
  • Big data management
  • Threat detection, verification and classification
  • Emitter identification and localization
  • Signal recording and analysis
  • Modular and platform-agnostic


The HENSOLDT Kalætron Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) is a vital part of the AMPS self protection suite that warns users if the platform has been located by a radar system. Besides the core task – self protection – the Kalaetron RWR also serves as an extremely capable data collection device for outstanding reconnaissance capabilities. The Kalaetron RWR is part of HENSOLDT’s Kalaetron product family that shares the artificial intelligence within HENSOLDT electronics approach.

The system consists of the following components:

  • Antenna front-end
  • Digital front end receiver
  • Central processor

Software features

More than protection – emitter analysis and geolocation

  • A self learning algorithm helps to analyze and locate emitters and threats
  • Mission preparation, mission execution and post flight analysis in one package
  • ESM mission management
  • Visualization of electronic order of battle
  • Sharing of data with own and allied forces

Main benefits

  • Increased survivability that leads to increased troops morale
  • Information superiority to be one step ahead
  • Protection of own and allied forces through data sharing
  • Contribution to get a dense intelligence picture
  • Minimal reaction time <1sec
  • Upgradable for future use through AI software

Kalaetron RWR on screen



Product Impressions

Kalaetron RWR components: Antenna front-end, central processor and digital front end receiver

Product Impressions

Kalaetron RWR´s central processor

Product Impressions

Kalaetron RWR´s digital front-end receiver

Product Impressions

Kalaetron RWR´s antenna front-end