Laser ESM Equipment for Ships - COLDS® NG

Maritime Self-Protection Systems


  • In-time warning with low FAR against LRF and LTD
  • Multiple simultaneous detection and tracking, report of up to 4 threats
  • High reliability due to low numbers of LRUs
  • Low weight
  • System in use on various ship types:
    • Oste Class 423 (Germany)
    • Hamina-Class Ship (Finland)
    • Meko® A-200
    • Hämeenmaa-Class (Finland)
    • Rauma Class (Finland)


  • Detection of laser sources from laser range finders (LRF) and laser target designators (LTD) with a very high angle accuracy (2°RMS)
  • Easy integration into existing and future electronic warfare suites using standard interfaces
  • Only 2 sensor heads are required (up to 4) and one Electronic Unit
  • Identification of laser type via library

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