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  • Due to the sophisticated networking capability multiple students can interact in the same scenario
  • Remote access and control via internet supports guided training over large distances by instructors
  • Driving under normal and adverse conditions
  • Training of hazardous situations in safe environment for preparing the trainees for unexpected situations which may occur in daily operations
  • Identification and localization of simulated events and malfunctions by the means of the associated virtual train simulation and fault finding station


HENSOLDT offers a Desk Trainer for mobile and stationary use in classroom / office environment. The simulation based training system enables the student to train in predefined scenarios, independently or guided by the implemented tutorial system or by an instructor.

The compact design makes it easy to transport and getting ready for training instantly, thus the user is able to train anywhere at any time.

The virtual presentation of the indications and controls in look and function support the student in familiarization with the drivers working place, the train behavior and function of the track-side signaling system.


  • Easy to install, plug & play solution
  • The convertible concept allows easy configuration for simulating different rolling stock, supporting introduction to the customers fleet
  • High level of detail replication of the railway infrastructure
  • Simulation of events and malfunctions
  • Wireless control of the simulated scenario by the means of the instructors tablet
  • Supports in independent mode standalone operation for self-studying
  • Computer-aided Assessment

Main Benefits

  • Space Saving by using a fully equipped driver desk instead of a full scale replica for providing high degree of immersion
  • Cost effective by combining physically and virtually presented controls & indications
  • Full scale replica desk for providing highly realistic training, by simulating the desk and train precisely and accurately in all aspects
  • Flexible use, instructed training or self-learning in demo, study / free play- and exam mode
  • Increase in reliability and safety, while driving the train in revenue operation by intensive training of standard procedures and best practice in abnormal and emergency situations

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions


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