Desktop trainers - Train Simulators

Simsphere Train - entry-level training


  • Due to the sophisticated networking capability multiple students can interact in the same scenario
  • Remote access and control via internet supports guided training over large distances by instructors


HENSOLDT offers a desk trainer for flexible use in classroom / office environment. The student trains in predefined scenarios, independently or guided by the implemented tutorial system or remotely by an instructor.

The compact design makes it easy to transport and getting ready for training instantly, thus the user is able to train anywhere at any time The virtual presentation of the indications and controls in look and function support the student in familiarization with the train function and the drivers working place.


  • Wireless control of the simulated train by the means of the touch display
  • Adaptive configuration, e.g. either use of one tablet for indications and controls or according to training needs using a dedicated number
  • Automatic Interfaces for Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management Systems (CMS)  and  Software Deployment Services
  • Supporting introduction to various rolling stock of the customers fleet



Main Benefits

  • Increase the availability of the train drivers by reducing on-site training times
  • Familiarization with the basic procedures of starting, operation and stabling of the train
  • Low cost, ready to train solution, with minimum space requirements
  • Reduce the reaction time to solve problems by guided simulation training and direct access to electronic reference guide
  • Qualify the train drivers for basic operation of the train in various scenarios
  • The trainees have the autonomy to prepare themselves at their own speed without direct supervision.

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