Full Motion Train Simulators

Simsphere Train - full immersion


  • With the full motion simulator the student can train as under real working conditions
  • The modular design makes it easy to upgrade and enhance the system, or even to adapt to real fleet and infrastructure changes.
  • Providing highest degree of immersion, by using a full scale replica of the real driver cab and desk
  • Highest degree of realism, due to realistic sound and provision of sensations


HENSOLDT offers full scale replica cab simulators for stationary or motion-based installations.

  • Superior quality of training, by providing training in a realistic manner through a highly sophisticated full motion simulator, enhance and expanding the knowledge and professional skills of the trainees highly efficient
  • The turn-key simulator solutions are designed to be operated over the entire life span of the customers fleet, maintained and supported by us
  • The replication and simulation of every train type can be realized up to the highest level of detail (‚Ķwith respect to hardware, sound and motion)
  • The combination of real and virtual controls with original and generic hardware increases the focus level as well as the flexibility.


  • Perception of train movements and accelerations are supported by a motion system
  • The replica cab features integration of a convertible driver desk
  • High quality simulation of the environment and the surrounding of the train is shown on high resolution displays
  • Multiple-channel sound system, providing a spatial sound experience
  • By using the instructors tablet, the instructor is able to stay close to the trainee inside the replica cab for best support and guidance
  • Fuel consumption training / Eco driving
  • Communication training by replicating and emulating the actual train radio system

Main Benefits

  • One simulator for different trains: The convertible driver desk allows quick change of train types
  • Training in groups, by adding an observer station for monitoring the ongoing training in the cab simulator
  • No more need for a real train for training or assessment, the full motion simulator makes it possible to do training and licensing assessment like in the real train

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions


HENSOLDT Simulation Solutions

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