Mobile Stinger Trainer

Simsphere Air Defence - Train as you fight


  • Joint training of observer and shooter in the same scenario (weapon drill)
  • Sustain the Combat Ready Status of operators / teams at without live targets
  • Handling of weapon systems (true-to-life weapon replication)
  • Failure simulation (hang fire, misfire, dud fuse)
  • Identification of targets (A/C identification)
  • Training in adverse weather conditions
  • Simultaneous multiple targets (friend and foe) in complex scenarios


The successful use of every weapon system is determined by intensive training on the weapon under realistic conditions. Environmental restrictions and tight budgets do not allow the firing of original missiles or ammunition for that purpose.

To overcome these restrictions we offer state of the art air defence simulation systems providing realistic combat training for individual persons and teams at different levels and for different training objectives.


  • Procedure training using a replica weapon with screen and replica virtual binocular
  • Original handling of replicas
  • Deployable, independent, training in remote areas and during missions
  • Computer Generated virtual 360° environment
  • Scenario based training, highly realistic 3D graphics
  • Scenario and target generation tool
  • PC-based Visual System, Photorealistic landscape

Main Benefits

  • Realistic tactical and combat training for teams using a simulated environment and combat scenario in a 3D photo realistic virtual space.
  • Training of operators in a safe yet realistic environment
  • Standardization and comparability of operator skills and certification procedures
  • Progressive curriculum with skill adapted stress levels for excellent learning success
  • High availability of training infrastructure and low maintenance effort enabling cost and time effective training
  • Independent from real equipment and without interfering with real operations
  • Easy implementation of new procedures and regulatory requirements

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions


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