Tester Solutions

For assembly, installation, modification, maintenance, testing and verification


  • Agile and lean project management and execution
  • Customized testing solutions for high-end technology
  • Reliable and user-friendly test equipment for failure identification and verification of LRIs
  • Field service and repair shops at customer sites, reducing transportation need of sensitive equipment
  • Increase the availability of LRIs and air craft through fast repair cycles
  • Modular approach via CRATE/CATE to allow extension of test capabilities towards new LRIs and other platforms
  • Experienced on many platforms and in different environments worldwide


Core business of Hensoldt is the development of tailor made high-end solutions for our customers.

Hensoldt Services is specialized in providing solutions to maintaining the prime equipment, thus increasing the value to our customers in terms of longevity and reliability.

Selection of References

  • RATE family: RATE for IERS, IS-RATE, E-RATE – modular testers for CAP-TOR Radar LRIs
  • M-RSTB and E-RSTB –test benches for CAPTOR system in lab environment
  • MMC, DAC, DMGS & KLDC – test equipment for A400M
  • TNR (Tornado Nose Radar) – test equipment for TORNADO LRIs and Radar system



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