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Our Product Training provides essential knowledge along defined skill levels related to your HENSOLDT products and systems. For this, we differentiate between three levels of knowledge for operators and technicians/maintenance staff. In advance of each training, we assess the participants’ level of knowledge based on the necessary preconditions for each skill level. Each training is followed by an assessment of the learning experience.

Skill Levels for Modular Training Concept

Basic Level

Standard Operator Level

Advanced Operator Level

Standard Technician Level

Advanced Technician Level

  • Can name the basic techniques and major functional concepts of the product
  • Operates the product in standard mode
  • Performs simple functional checks and maintenance tasks
  • Issues failure/incident reports
  • Can explain the product structure and identification scheme
  • Takes account of possible hazards, safety instructions and measures
  • Uses technical documentation properly
  • Understands and properly applies security measures (including denial)
  • Able to work without assistance
  • Operates the product in its full functional scope
  • Operates the product via standard GUI
  • Maintains standard environmental data sets (e.g. weather, coordinates, blanking)
  • Performs backup of operational data
  • Able to support colleagues
  • Performs backup recovery of operational data
  • Maintains and adjusts (optimises) special environmental data sets (e.g. system environment, interfaces)
  • Assigns and administers user access, rights and roles
  • Able to work without assistance
  • Problem is clear before assignment
  • Troubleshoots standard issues
  • Performs standard preventive maintenance
  • Performs LRU (line replaceable unit) replacement
  • Operates standard tools and test equipment
  • Able to support colleagues
  • Solves complex problems
  • Can work on problems unknown before assignment
  • Can adjust product/system configuration in standard situations
  • Recovers SW and executes SW updates (patches)
  • Operates special tools and test equipment


Here you will find our full range of training courses as PDF:

Training Catalogue