Manta NEO – Complete solution for 21st century commercial vessels

Today’s maritime vessels have to be equipped with a range of sensors to ensure they meet the strict regulations, especially when it comes to safety.…

SETAS – How to see through armour

Ground combat has changed significantly over the last decade. Conflicts are now more likely to be fought in urban environments – where movement and…

Mk11 - Combined Radar/IFF system

Mk11 – Boosting OPV capabilities

Smaller ships like offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) are often limited in space, reducing the number of sensors that can be installed. To boost OPV…

Sensor fusion in ground-based operations

Gone are the days when each platform operated within its own ecosystem and delivered information retrospectively. Operators now expect a complete…

Innovative systems approach to airborne ISR

Modern surveillance aircraft – whether manned or unmanned – are bristling with an array of sensors and high-performance systems. These enable the…

Equal Opportunities at HENSOLDT

Equal Opportunities at HENSOLDT

People are the backbone of everything we do at HENSOLDT. We want to unlock the potential in each and every employee to bring out the best for both…

Cyber Security in Aviation

Cyber Security Standards & Increasing Safety in Aviation

As onboard systems in aviation become increasingly networked, the additional threat of malicious cyber-attacks is rising significantly.

PrecISR – Powerful Radar for Airborne ISR Platforms

Powerful ISR radars were often limited to larger aircraft. With PrecISR, HENSOLDT sets a new baseline for what is possible with airborne sensors.

MGCS - The Smart Tank is Rolling in

As proven partner of the German and French armed forces, HENSOLDT strives to develop the game-changing networked sensor solution for MGCS.

How AI is changing the game in optronic sensors

Digital sensors are vital for today’s security and military forces enabling situational awareness and threat detection at greater ranges, even in low…