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IFF Mode 5 is a prerequisite for joint military missions of NATO and non-NATO nations. All IFF identification systems using the new Mode 5 standard must be certified by the US DoD AIMS Program Office or NATO nations to receive necessary encryption keys. HENSOLDT Services supports armed forces worldwide to gain the necessary certification.

December 8, 2020

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Successfully customer proven

For decades, HENSOLDT, and its predecessor companies, have demonstrated outstanding experience in the field of radar technology. Not only within the primary radar business area, but also in developing solutions in the field of Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) technology. HENSOLDT is a leader in driving innovation in this field.

With the introduction of the new Mode 5 and with the Mode 4 sunset date, the 30th of June 2020, HENSOLDT supports its customers around the globe with state of the art IFF sensor solutions and upgrades for successful certification.

This valuable contribution to operational security in airspace, on land and at sea is supplemented by HENSOLDT’s latest Certification Support Service offering. HENSOLDT Services supports armed forces worldwide to gain the necessary certification according to the requirements of the US DoD AIMS Program Office or NATO AEtP-12 standard.

A granted certification is therefore mandatory for any joint NATO operation and assures multi-national interoperability. AIMS certification is mandatory for non-NATO countries whose forces are deployed together with NATO nations in joint missions.

Getting ready for the Future –
HENSOLDT’s Certification Support

Out of Europe and Australia, HENSOLDT’s international Field Service team supports nations worldwide in the complex AIMS/NATO certification process for airborne, naval or ground platforms on installation and operational level. Reference systems for IFF interrogator or transponder installations are used to support the Mode 5 certification.

The unique offering of Certification Support as a Service comes along with all the necessary tools and experience for data recording and evaluation as well as preparation of required reports to the AIMS Program Office or relevant national authorities.

HENSOLDT AIMS-NATO Certification Support Capabilities - Overview

Transponder Interrogator
AIMS 1101 / NATO AEtP 12.1-2 Bench Performance (HENSOLDT LTR 400-DNG) AIMS 1201 / NATO AEtP 12.5-7 Bench Performance (HENSOLDT MSSR 2000 I / ID)
AIMS 1102 / NATO AEtP 12.3 Installation AIMS 1202 / NATO AEtP 12.8 Installation
AIMS 1103 / NATO AEtP 12.4 Operational AIMS 1203 / NATO AEtP 12.9 Operational






Proven service offering -
AIMS Certification Support for Swiss Customer

HENSOLDT’s certification support competencies have been proven in the support of armasuisse, Federal Office for Defence Procurement, Switzerland. As a NATO partner nation, Switzerland is required to certify its platforms used in NATO operations according to AIMS.

In just a couple of months, HENSOLDT was able to support armasuisse with a reference system and develop relevant test procedures to allow AIMS certification for the ground-based radar platform. In close collaboration with armasuisse and RUAG AG, both the installation and operational tests were completed successfully to the full satisfaction of the customer and the AIMS Program Office.

International Acknowledgement

As a result of the impressive performance and the professional preparation and handling of all necessary measures, HENSOLDT was also given the opportunity to present the project at the official AIMS conference in May 2020. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference had to be cancelled – however, the presentation prepared was made available to the AIMS user group community.

With the receipt of the official AIMS Certification Letter for the Swiss radar reference system in November 2020, an important milestone was achieved by armasuisse, RUAG AG and HENSOLDT. With the valuable contribution of HENSOLDT, the first radar reference system certified by the US DoD AIMS Program Office has gone operational in Europe.

The official granting of the certification was an important achievement for Switzerland to assure IFF Mode 5 interoperability between NATO and allied forces. For HENSOLDT, this means a great acknowledgment of the valuable certification support service that is provided worldwide.

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