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Flying will be unmanned in the future

Whether  autonomous air taxis, parcel delivery from the air, surveillance  or interception drones – numerous development projects are  currently under way for the  unmanned future of flying.  
Leading the way: HENSOLDT’s subsidiary EUROAVIONICS with its autopilots.

August 31, 2019

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A new era in aviation

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) currently spur the imagination  of companies in a wide variety of sectors, practically more than any other innovation.

Whether in aviation groups, logistics companies or start-ups – there is a new spirit of discovery everywhere, and quite a few speak of a new era in aviation. All UAV projects have one thing in common:

they require a powerful, independent control system. This is where the HENSOLDT subsidiary EuroAvionics comes into play.

Part of the group since 2017, EuroAvionics is one of the leading manufacturers of digital navigation  systems, drone control systems and avionics computers for helicopters and UAVs around the world.

Escaping traffic jams with air taxis and relieving inner-city traffic with transport drones

A few years ago, hardly anyone would have thought  that Airbus and Uber would some day be mentioned in  a single sentence. Today, these two companies are  among the drivers of a vision for the future: autonomous  air taxis which take us to our destination in the shortest possible time, regardless of road traffic jams.

From Heathrow Airport to inner city London, from Palm  Islands to Dubai City for shopping or from any destination to any other. The first pilot projects are already under way, and test flights have already been completed.

However, interest in autonomous drones has been  aroused not only for passenger transport but also for the movement of goods. In times of dense traffic caused by delivery vehicles in the inner cities, companies such as  the German postal and courier service provider Deutsche Post and Amazon are experimenting with autonomous transport drones that bring goods to the customers’  front door in the shortest possible time.

In many cases, the navigation hardware and software required to control these drones is supplied by EUROAVIONICS.

Numerous applications with the EA1200 multicopter drone

With the EA1200, EUROAVIONICS has developed a drone which is tailored to the special requirements of the police and fire brigade. The system can for example be used during large events, in case of accidents or for search missions in addition to conventional helicopters.

This can make a decisive contribution to the success of a mission while at the same time reducing costs. The EA1200 multicopter drone can also be used as part of HENSOLDT’s Xpeller counter-UAV system to intercept commercially available drones. For EUROAVIONICS, this opens up another market with great growth potential.

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