German inner layer air defence system

The current conflict in Europe has dramatically increased the demand for defence capabilities, for example for advanced air defence systems. That is why defence experts Rheinmetall Electronics, Diehl Defence and HENSOLDT are collaborating in a special partnership known as “Arbeitsgemeinschaft”, or ARGE.

Under the framework of ARGE NNbS (Nah- und Nächstbereichsschutz), the three companies will submit a tender for the future German short-range and very short-range air defence system, the LVS NNbS.

Project overview

The NNbS partnership addresses a present capability gap regarding the protection of ground forces and tactical operations centres as well as other assets against short- and very short-range air threats.

The three well-known corporations strive to deliver a national, low-risk solution that will be quickly available thanks to the integration of commercially available systems and system components. The conceptual system design of ARGE NNbS is mainly based on established systems and subsystems, which includes the use of components already in service with the German Bundeswehr.

A further advantage of the NNbS cooperation is the broad logistical assistance in Germany for the short and very short range air defence system. Due to the complementary core expertises of the three companies Rheinmetall, Diehl Defence and HENSOLDT, the partnership has the necessary prerequisites, qualifications and expertise to meet all customer requirements.

Contribution of the partners

Both the Electronic Solutions and Vehicle Systems business units of Rheinmetall contribute with their expert technological knowledge and many years of experience in providing advanced defence systems, primarily regarding vehicles, communication and integration.

Diehl Defence is mainly dedicated to the development and production of guided missiles. With its state-of-the-art und combat proven technologies for ground-based air defence, the company has earned an excellent reputation on the international markets.

As a reliable provider of national key technologies, HENSOLDT will strengthen the NNbS consortium with its deep-rooted knowledge as well as battle-tested systems such as the TRML-4D and Spexer radars. The sensor expert is well known for its comprehensive product commonalities, which includes product family concepts, especially in the area of airspace surveillance as well as target classification and identification.