Our sites in Germany

German roots, a European presence and a global footprint

Today, HENSOLDT is a German champion for defense and security sensor solutions and the largest pure-play defense and security electronics house in Europe. Our headquarters are in Taufkirchen, near Munich, which is one of the most important centres for innovation in the defence sector in Germany.

Other industrial sites in Germany include Ulm and Oberkochen, as well as Wetzlar, Immenstaad, Cologne, Pforzheim, Kiel and Aalen. The HENSOLDT representative offices in Berlin and Bonn/Koblenz facilitate and coordinate the dialogue with relevant governmental institutions to ensure the needs and requirements of customers are met in the best possible way. Of our approximately 6,500 employees, about 4,700 are employed in Germany (as of December 31, 2022).

Germany is a core market for HENSOLDT, and the German armed forces (German Bundeswehr) is an important customer for HENSOLDT products.

Our Sites in Germany


Taufkirchen in the south of Munich is the registered headquarters of HENSOLDT. Here, around 520 HENSOLDTIANS work on highly developed electronic systems to equip ground systems, aeroplanes and helicopters. The site is associated with a rich tradition of aerospace related to names such as Messerschmitt, Bölkow and DASA.

In 2019 HENSOLDT build a new annex to the building 88 on the Ludwig-Bölkow Campus. This is home to members of our top management and central functions such as HR, Finance, Legal and Communications as well as the laboratories for our Electronic Warfare, MILDS and IFF equipment.

Our Sites in Germany


More than 2700 employees are developing and producing complex security electronics in the internationally renowned radar stronghold at HENSOLDT's Ulm site.

The site focuses on high frequency technology and has its roots in renowned predecessors such as Telefunken, AEG and EADS. A large number of the employees are engineers, above all in the areas of communications engineering and electrical engineering.

Our Sites in Germany


In Oberkochen, almost 800 employees develop, design and produce state-of-the-art optical and optronic devices for military, civilian and security applications since 70 years. Optronic systems from Oberkochen enable fast and detailed reconnaissance for combat support, border protection and the protection of critical infrastructure.

The site in Oberkochen is the largest development and production facility of HENSOLDT Optronics. In the production facility for sensor components, the periscope tower as well as the land and space production facilities, the highly complex sensors for the different platforms for land, air, sea and space missions are manufactured.

Our Sites in Germany


At the site in Immenstaad near Friedrichshafen we develop and manufacture products in the area of Situational Awareness Solutions. In addition, teams from the Customer Support and Spaceborne & Airborne Radars units are also based here.

Our most southerly site within Germany with a workforce of approximately 400 employees has been a centre for the development and construction of satellites and instruments for scientific research of the universe as well as for earth observation and meteorology for more than five decades.

Our Sites in Germany


Moritz Carl Hensoldt, who gave our company its name, is the founder of the Wetzlar site. Today, the Wetzlar site still develops and manufactures telescopic sights, targeting optics and optronic equipment such as residual light and thermal imaging clip-on systems as well as fire control systems as well as unstabilised periscopes for armoured vehicles and calibration technology for artillery.

The products – above all the telescopic sights and the night vision attachments – enjoy an excellent reputation with authorities and military units throughout the world. At present, approximately 100 HENSOLDTIANS are working the site in Wetzlar which is situated on the Carl Zeiss AG premises.

Our Sites in Germany


At HENSOLDT's Kiel site, approximately 60 employees work in the area of customer support, providing the service required for both their own and third-party products in the areas of radar, reconnaissance and communication on behalf of the German Armed Forces and international customers. Their tasks include installing and integrating electronic equipment, systems and devices as well as assembling antenna systems.

Our employees from Kiel, a location originally, chosen because of its proximity to the German Navy, now set off on their service missions to places in Germany and Europe but also to the USA, Malaysia, Thailand or India.

Our Sites in Germany


From 1966 to 2018, our site in Cologne was a branch of Customer Service Ulm and originally part of AEG. Today, areas of technical documentation are still represented there. The current focus is on forensic license analysis in the use of open source software in product development, which was established 10 years ago on behalf of the CTO.

In addition, the employees are working with other departments across sites to set up an asset management system for FOSS and to develop the software incident monitoring and management process for HENSOLDT. Employees at the Cologne site also develop information security concepts for our products and projects for the Bundeswehr in accordance with the specifications of the Central Service Regulation A-960/1.

Our Sites in Germany


Pforzheim is the headquarter of HENSOLDT Avionics, the formerly EuroAvionics Group and aquired by HENSOLDT in August 2017. Our avionics division is a leading manufacturer of Situational Awareness and Mission Management Systems.

The company designs, produces and markets certified avionic systems that interface with a wide range of third-party avionics and sensors. The high-end products are in use world-wide, characterized by their flexibility and their modular concept. The existing product range was also extended on industrial multicopters and autopilots/flight computers for UAVs and OPVs.

Site Aalen
Our Sites in Germany


Established in 2021, our Integrated Solution Center in Aalen is specially dedicated to the development, production and presentation of sensor network solutions for Ground Based Systems within HENSOLDT Optronics. Here, around 70 colleagues work intensively on the refinement of original sensor data into mission-relevant information.

With various presentation areas and product demonstrators, this site is intended to become a central location for customer meetings, simplifying the permanent exchange and collaboration with our partners in order to create the perfect solution for the users´ needs.