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At HENSOLDT, we develop technology for the future!

As a leader in our industry, we want to give students the opportunity to develop their expertise in our company.

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Entry opportunities at HENSOLDT

Are you a committed and responsible individual who wants to make a difference? Then HENSOLDT is the right place for you! We are looking for open-minded candidates who are willing to master new challenges and work in a team that unites people from different cultures and experiences.

For students, we offer various possibilities to start your professional career!

Compulsory or Voluntary Internship

You will have the opportunity to work on our projects with employees from all areas and thus gain professional experience. So you can transfer your theoretical knowledge every day and gain valuable professional experience

Compulsory Internship duration: 3 to 6 months

Voluntary internship duration: 3 months

A combination is possible.

  • Students Pioneer Club

    The HENSOLDT Students Pioneer Club is a development programme for highly motivated and high-performing student interns. With this programm we offer activities which promote professional and personal development in our student interns.


    • Minimum 3 months internship at HENSOLDT
    • At least 1 additional year of study to go
    • Very good assessment by the internship supervisor
    • Motivation and application


Final Thesis

If you are looking for an innovative and exciting topic for your thesis, HENSOLDT is the right partner for you.

Special challenges and enquiries from our departments are available for which intelligent solutions can be developed. You are also welcome to apply for a theses idea of your own. If you are looking for a partner, please contact us!

Our Teams and Experts will support you and will guide you in this process.

We offer:

  • Bachelor Thesis
  • Master Thesis
  • PhD Thesis

Working Student Jobs

As a working student at HENSOLDT, you can enter the heart of the action and work on real projects.

Being a working student offers many advantages:

  • your gained knowledge is put into practice
  • realistic insights into the requirements of your future profession
  • building important networks for the time after graduation

During the semester, a maximum of 20 working hours is possible; during semester breaks you can work a maximum of 35 hours.


At HENSOLDT, you benefit from numerous social as well as health care activities and many other possibilities, such as:

  • Flexi time
  • Fitness studio, company sports groups,
  • Student get-togethers
  • Canteen
  • Lunch subsidy

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Apply now!

Have we sparked your interest in an internship, thesis supervisory, or working student job with HENSOLDT in Germany? Then apply now:


How to apply:

  1. Find the right position for you in our job market portal. If you have any questions, our recruitment team will guide you through the process and provide the answers you need.
  2. Create your application: please apply (online only) by submitting a detailed application for the position of interest to you. You will have to create a candidate profile for this. Please include all relevant documents with your appplication letter, CV, valid matriculation certificate, proof of performance, and, for mandatory internships, your study or examination regulations
  3. The selection process begins after receipt of your application. Our recruitment team will review all documents. If your skills are a good match for our current needs, a member of our recruitment team will contact you to arrange an initial interview or seek further clarification.


Important questions for the application process

  • How do I apply?

    You can apply online directly via our job market portal for the position that suits you best. If several positions appeal to you, you can also apply for multiple positions at the same time.

    To apply, please upload all documents such as cover letters and certificates under Attachments. We will then check the documents. You will receive a reply from us as soon as all of the applications received have been reviewed.

    If you are shortlisted, a member of staff from our Human Resources department or the specialist department concerned will contact you to discuss the next steps.

    It may occasionally take a bit longer to review the documents, but we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What happens after I have applied online?

    After you have successfully submitted your application online, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. We will then check your documents. You will receive feedback from us as soon as your application has been reviewed.

    If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to an interview. Otherwise, you will receive a rejection.

    For apprenticeships and dual studies only, we ask shortlisted applicants to participate in an online assessment centre before they are invited for an interview during our Application Day.

  • When will I receive feedback on my application?

    Every applicant receives feedback from us. We do our best to provide this as soon as possible, but the length of time it may take depends on the position in question. If you have not heard from us within six weeks, please contact us.

    For direct entrant applications, please email For student applications, please email For apprenticeships and dual studies, please email

  • Is there a deadline for application?

    HENSOLDT has no fixed application deadlines. However, positions are filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found. It is therefore always worth applying for a position as early as possible. Once you have found a position that appeals to you, it is best to apply immediately.

    With regard to internships, your application should be received at least three months before the planned start date. If you cannot find a suitable position advertised, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application via our job market portal.

    All of our job advertisements for apprenticeships and dual studies are advertised from June/July of the year before the start of the apprenticeship/semester. Our job advertisements remain online until we have been able to fill all spots with suitable applicants.

  • May I apply for multiple positions?

    HENSOLDT does not have a limit on how often you may apply. You are welcome to apply for any position that interests you.

  • What documents will I need for my application?

    Please apply exclusively online via our job market portal and provide the following application documents.

    For regular positions:
    Curriculum vitae, cover letter, all other relevant documents such as degree certificates, confirmation of previous positions, letters of recommendation.

    For internships, working student positions & final theses:
    Curriculum vitae, cover letter, certificate of matriculation, proof of performance, plus an excerpt from the examination regulations which shows the duration of your compulsory internship or final thesis.

    For apprenticeships & dual studies:
    CV, cover letter and your final report cards for the last three years.

  • How can I submit my application documents?

    Please apply exclusively online with your complete application documents via our job market portal. Please upload all of your documents, such as cover letters and certificates, under Attachments.

  • How can I edit my application?

    If you have made a mistake in your application or would like to change something, please email us.

    For direct entrant applications, please email For student applications, please email For apprenticeships, please email

  • How can I withdraw my application?

    If you wish to withdraw your application, please log into your account on our job market portal and go to your Candidate Home. Select the application that you wish to withdraw.

  • May I apply as a non-EU citizen?

    HENSOLDT employees are selected according to their skills and qualifications. Therefore, we also welcome applications from candidates who are not from or resident in Germany. If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need a residence permit valid for the entire period of your employment with HENSOLDT.

  • What is the best way to contact you?

    You are welcome to contact us via email or via the contact form on this website. We look forward to your questions and hope to be able to answer them as soon as possible.

    For direct entrant applications, please email For student applications, please email For apprenticeships, please email