Why choose us?

We at HENSOLDT are proud of our long tradition, which distinguishes us at all of our major sites across the world. It is important to us that our employees work in a stimulating environment in which cooperation plays a central role.

We not only provide our employees with outstanding social benefits, but also support them in every phase of their lives. It is very important to us that our employees have a good work-life balance.

I am excited to work with highly motivated and talented teams to develop innovative products and solutions for our customers using the latest technologies.

Marco, Head of Processing & Software Solutions



Professional development

Highly motivated employees who perform their tasks with enthusiasm achieve top performance. The development of our employees is the basis for our joint success at HENSOLDT. It is therefore essential that our employees are aware of their strengths and development potential. We draw up individual career and development plans through a transparent and continuous exchange between employees, managers and the Human Resources department.

We do not regard ‘one fits all’ as a recipe for success. Rather, the diversity of our employees’ skills and competencies is a key success factor that makes us a competitive company.

Vocational Training

We offer all employees a selection of training courses to further strengthen their social and task-related skills in accordance with personal interests.

Targeted training measures help all employees to further develop their strengths and knowledge so that they can handle your daily tasks and projects even more successful.

Early Career

Early identification of young talent is crucial. Students who impress with their high level of commitment and outstanding performance during their internships or working student activities with us are accepted into our Student Pioneer Club. This is a study-accompanying development programme that includes personal coaching, applicant training and a team project that the students work on independently with the support of the Early Career Team.

In addition, we have set up a company-wide ‘HENSOLDT connect’ network for highly motivated employees who want to be innovatively and creatively involved in the company beyond their field of work. In this way, we look to promote networking beyond departmental boundaries and strengthen our culture of innovation.

Management / Experts

Whether prospective executives, experienced managers or experts – we support them on their career path and define suitable development measures together with them.

In the area of leadership development, we have established various coaching-based leadership formats in which leadership behaviour is reflected upon and individual solutions are developed under professional coaching guidance. The goal is to develop a coaching leadership attitude through tangible, lived values that are reflected in the leadership and corporate culture.

We also offer programmes for managers in which mainly internal trainers impart specialist and process knowledge. This, in turn, creates a platform for cross-functional networking and valuable exchange between the various disciplines.

Social, Health and Renumeration

Flexible working models



Parent-Child Office



The freedom to organise working time is the most important prerequisite for the compatibility of work, family and private interests.

We at HENSOLDT in Germany give you the opportunity to arrange your working hours according to your needs, whether through our flexitime or part-time working models or our mobile working scheme – as long as it fits in with the company’s business processes, we are ready to adapt to your schedule.

Some HENSOLDT divisions also offer the option of a lifetime working time account, which employees can use to take early retirement.


Learning requires time, freedom and trust. We believe that both trial and error as well as failure and learning are needed to promote innovation and performance. With horizontal, vertical and international mobility, we help our employees to learn and grow at every stage of their journey. Because learning is essential in order to grow like our company.

Mobility promotes employee skills, greater flexibility, improved understanding and better cooperation across functions, locations and countries. It gives people new perspectives, strengthens the pioneering spirit and boosts innovation.


The employees at our sites receive various forms of childcare support. At some sites, we work together with day care centres and offer places for employees’ children there.

At other sites, we support employees with a childcare allowance. In addition, we offer holiday care for employees’ children at our sites in Ulm and Immenstaad.


At our sites in Taufkirchen, Ulm and Immenstaad, a Parent-Child Office for self-organised childcare is available to all HENSOLDT employees with children.

If care is unexpectedly unavailable at short notice (e.g. if a childminder suddenly falls ill), attendance at work is required and no other care can be provided, employees can bring their children (up to 14 years of age) to the workplace and supervise them themselves.


Our Care for Life programme gives employees the opportunity to be released from their work duties for a certain period of time during their entire working life thanks to a flexible value account.

There are two models:
- Family care leave: family care leave enables employees to look after close relatives in need of care at home on a temporary part-time basis.
- Time off for other purposes: a leave of absence for other purposes enables employees to take a longer break for personal reasons. They can thus react flexibly to special life situations and improve their work-life balance.

This option is currently not available at our sites in Oberkochen and Wetzlar.

Parental leave

Company Care Pilots

Health management

Social counselling

Work Safety & Environment


For greater flexibility when organising family life, our employees have the option of extending their statutory parental leave by taking company parental leave.


Dedicated staff members provide assistance with the increasingly important task of balancing work and family care.

They help employees to organise home care, fill out applications and find suitable respite by providing information material and referring them to the right advice centres..


Sustainable health management is crucial to ensuring a good work-life balance.

We therefore offer a variety of measures designed to benefit our employees. In addition to a fitness studio (e.g. in Ulm) and sports activities, these include regular preventive health care initiatives, seminars and lectures.


The company social counselling service, as a pillar of the company health management system, is the contact for all employees facing stressful and/or challenging professional or personal situations.

The aim is to identify possible action together and develop new perspectives through information, discussions focused on guidance and cooperative conflict resolution.


We strive to offer our employees an attractive working environment. Occupational health and safety and environmental awareness are key factors in ensuring the best possible workplace for our employees. In addition, we continuously improve our processes with regard to the environmental impact of our sites.

We meet our responsibilities and actively involve our employees and managers so that corporate priorities and goals with regard to occupational health and safety and environmental protection are actively implemented at all of our sites.

Attractive remuneration

Company pension scheme

Employer-subsidised canteens

Corporate Benefits


HENSOLDT offers its employees in Germany attractive remuneration:

In the collective bargaining area, remuneration is based on the regulations of the metal and electrical industry in the applicable collective bargaining area (e.g. Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria). In addition to the basic salary, additional collectively agreed components such as holiday and Christmas bonuses are paid annually. HENSOLDT also grants further performance-related remuneration components, which are regulated by company agreements.

HENSOLDT also offers competitive remuneration packages in the non-tariff area, which are regulated by company agreements for the various non-tariff levels.

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Everyone wants to be well cared for in old age. It has long been clear that the statutory pension alone will not suffice for many of us in old age.

That is why it is important to us to support our employees with a company pension scheme and to provide together for their post-working life.

We also want to facilitate our employees’ transition from working life to the post-working phase under a partial retirement model. Some HENSOLDT divisions also offer the option of a lifetime working time account, which employees can use to take early retirement.


Most of our sites have employer-subsidised canteens and cafés for employees.


HENSOLDT employees can use the "Corporate Benefits" platform. After registering, HENSOLDT employees benefit from a whole range of attractive offers from renowned providers and online shops from all relevant areas of life