Company Culture

We pioneer with passion

At HENSOLDT we recognize and value our employees. We help them to identify their strengths and to evaluate their competencies for tailored personal development. We offer challenging positions with development perspectives. Various career paths, diverse opportunities to learn and grow through coherent mobility, dedicated programs and training plans.

Leading by example

Our Values

Our company is named after Moritz Carl Hensoldt (1821-1903). He was a German pioneer in optics and precision mechanics and developed breakthrough technologies revolutionizing surveillance and reconnaissance.

In his time, he was a real inventor! In our company we attach great importance to pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship as key to fulfilling our mission for our customers and employees. We have four key values to develop this mindset and give us orientation and coherence for all our decisions and interactions.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is the foundation of our culture and our most important value, because only together can we be innovative and successful. Motivated and autonomous employees who work together and respect and trust each other across departments and according to their individual strengths are at the heart of what we call collaboration. Innovation, excellence and ownership are the three pillars of entrepreneurship.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is crucial for the development of advanced technology. At HENSOLDT, innovation is created by the right employees and the right mix of different individuals who work together according to their strengths and release their creativity and passion through their work. We encourage all our employees to share their ideas and be curious, to experiment by taking calculated risks and to learn from their success as well as their failure.

  • Excellence

    We carry out each project with one priority: Excellence. This means being effective and agile to deliver the highest quality in everything we do and to satisfy our customers in the best possible way.

  • Ownership

    We take responsibility for what we do and say. Our solutions play a vital role in protecting citizens, soldiers and nations around the world. Our customers trust us, and our successful key projects reflect our reliability and integrity. We say what we do and we do what we say.

Our company culture


Diversity and inclusion are an important part of our company culture and a key contribution to the successful future of Hensoldt in our global world.

We can only achieve our business objectives and satisfy our customers with diverse and inclusive teams, where all employees are respected and valued for their distinctive characteristics and where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in a high-performance culture.

At HENSOLDT , diversity encompasses visible and non-visible factors that describe a person. Gender, age or race but also background, experience, skills, ethnicity, and many more unique characteristics that make us individuals and unique belong to our understanding of diversity.

By creating an inclusive working environment we protect our employees, make them feeling free to express their uniqueness, to give and receive feedback and to challenge the status quo in order to be creative and innovative and to embrace new business approaches. Through an embedded and consistent approach in recruiting, mobility, training and talent development, we strive to improve diversity in our teams. Through various initiatives, we want to trigger a cultural change, raise awareness of the people’s capabilities and eliminate bias regarding any kind of diversity.

We value differences and diversity in thoughts and opinions because differences nurture creativity, a pioneering spirit and high performance.

  • Internationality

    HENSOLDT is an international company, represented in various countries on five continents . Diversity is a natural part of our corporate culture.

    Working in multicultural teams is a matter of course at all our sites. The mixture of backgrounds and cultures in a team offers new ideas and new ways of working and improves our understanding of our customers across the world. We promote the international mobility of our employees through assignments abroad.

    We have a culture based on our values at all our sites. We are proud of this!

  • Gender Equitable Teams

    We believe that mixed teams are more effective. Our goal is to increase the proportion of women in management and leadership positions.

    To achieve this, we are starting early on with initiatives to raise awareness of scientific and technical areas, targeting young girls in schools. In addition, we specifically target female graduates through our partnerships with universities and at trade fairs. Internally, we attach great importance to the personal development of all employees and in particular to the development of our female talents.

    HENSOLDT is committed to becoming not only a role model for a balanced distribution of women and men in management positions, but also for more equal opportunities and empowerment for all employees.

  • Generations

    We believe that all generations in the workplace can benefit from the experience of all, regardless of age.

    We help employees of different ages to interact and work in mixed-age teams and encourage them to share their knowledge. We understand the special characteristics of each generation by supporting them in their individual life situations. In addition, a number of initiatives such as health promotion, regular family days, and the opportunity to take time off to care for relatives contribute to better connection and understanding across the generations.

  • Disability

    HENSOLDT is committed to the full integration of people with disabilities into an optimised working environment.

    Our agreements with the social partners aim to promote equal opportunities and develop sustainable working conditions and ensure that all disabled employees benefit from the same career opportunities and personal development.